From Allegro Vivace


Working Border Collie puppies with ISDS Pedigree

Allegro vivace is an Italian musical term that indicates the tempo to be played.
Allegro vivace means "lively" and is faster and more energetic than vivace.
Allegro vivace belongs to the very fast tempi.

Allegro Vivace Border Collies is a Holistic kennel also called Natural Rearing (NR).
We pride ourselves on our natural, holistic approach to raising our dogs and puppies.
And are also known for our practical, responsible, caring approach to breeding and this doesn't stop once our puppies leave us. We  remain interested in our puppies ❤️
I will always try to keep in touch with the future puppy owners and consider you our dog family.
Our dogs mean the world to us and passing on our knowledge of owning such a beautiful breed comes naturally.